"A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2013."

Casper: My little snug bum.
Linus: Watching How to Train Your Dragon under our bed is serious bidness.



"A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2013."

Casper: Chubba Wubba
Linus: Sleeping in on a Monday morning. We were almost late for school. What a teenager...

Linus' volcano!

 Linus is learning about dinosaurs this month at preschool, and we decided to made a volcano at home together last week. He wanted it to be ready to bring for show-and-tell on Friday. He's such a smarty- he knows the names of so many dinosaurs, he knows which ones are carnivores and which are herbivores. He's been singing a song about dinosaurs all week, drawing pictures of tyrannosaurus rex, albertosaurus and triceratops. He's also decided that he wants to have a dinosaur themed b-day party (so cool!!!). His b-day is just one month away, so I better start planning!
I asked him to hold his volcano while I took his picture.
Oh, gosh I love him a lot.



"A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2013."

Casper: He is such a happy baby boy and so easy to soothe (so far). How did I get so lucky?
Linus: Brought this banjo to school on Friday and sang his rainbow song for show-and-tell. I was wishing I had enrolled him in the preschool with a live video feed... Would have loved to see that!

Thank you all for the sweet comments on my previous posts. You are so kind. Also, sorry to those of you who follow my Instagram.You've probably already seen both of these photos. I hope to use my Canon more often.



Just a few photos of my boys. Linus has been cheering Casper on during tummy time. It's so sweet. He's also been trying to play "Star Wurs" with the little guy. At first he said he would just "carry baby Casper to the different planets like Naboo and the Deaf Star". He settled for letting Casper watch while he played in the same room. So that's what they do most mornings. They enjoy each others company.



"A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2013."

Linus: Wants to be a "teacher and a Star Wars guy" when he grows up.
Casper: Is starting to coo a lot more. Sweetest little voice.



Our baby boy, Casper Bear is 1 month old today. I just can't believe it. The last month was the quickest month of my life. I say it all the time- I need to slow down and soak in these moments before my boys are all grown up! So bittersweet.

Casper is such a loveable little guy. He's a very smiley boy already. He thinks patty cake is hilarious and he's beginning to tell us lot's of stories. He likes his tummy time and is getting so good at holding his little head up. He's been chubbin' out like crazy- gaining about a pound a week and making mama very proud. I've had to tuck away a few itty bitty onesies and sleepers that he doesn't fit into anymore, again bittersweet. He's in love with his big brother, Linus. They melt my heart on a daily basis with all the sweet cuddles, coo's and kisses.

Evan and I can't believe how lucky we are. We're so in love with this tiny boy.

A very sweet weekend.

We had a wonderful long weekend. It's been sunny and warmish here. The snow is melting and Linus won't stop talking about Spring. He plans to jump in the puddles on our driveway every day, ride his scooter and his bike to the play ground, help us clean up the yard and watch his tulips bloom. He's been enjoying his two weeks of Spring Break at home with his baby Casper, but he's very excited to get back. They will be learning all about reptiles and dinosaurs this month, so I can see why.
Our Easter was lovely. Linus loved his chocolate egg hunt. The bunny was very generous. He got plenty of treats and eggs, a new book, and a bucket of sidewalk chalk. Casper got a fuzzy little bunny and a new soother. We spent most of the weekend with family. The food was amazing- Turkey dinner on Saturday and Polish Easter brunch on Sunday. I'm still stuffed. 
Evan is back at work today and I'm spending my time cleaning, nursing a smiley baby boy, playing Star Wars with my oldest and snacking on chocolate eggs.

Jedi is 5!

My adorable baby brother Jedi turned 5 last week!
Happy Birthday Jiggy Big! We love you so much.