A little room for a little boy.

I am so excited to finally post photos of our baby boys nursery. I adore the way it turned out. The room was originally my sewing/craft room but once we found out we had another little man on the way it was time to move the fabric and jewelry supplies downstairs and transform it into a tiny boys room. The space is quite small. I'm not sure what the square footage is but trust me it's teeny tiny, but perfect for a small child. There is also no closet, but the beautiful vintage teak dresser has plenty of storage space (thanks mama!). It was a challenge to make everything fit and not look cluttered, but one that i was excited to take on. So here you have it... baby boys nursery. Now all that's missing is my sweet baby boy! 

(click on the photos to make them larger)


  1. such a beautiful little space!! nice work, mama!

  2. oh my this is gorgeous, I am so jealous! I just love everything :)

  3. Over the moon!!!!!

    Katerina FF

  4. omg i love it!!!!!! so beautiful!

  5. Everything looks so lovely! He's going to be one happy little schmoo when he arrives. I mean, look at his cozy home!

  6. Oh, my little girl, Saskia, has that same little deer. It was the first thing I bought for my (unborn) little one...Beautiful space x

  7. Quite a transformation - that is one cute little room now. Can't wait to see the cute little guy that will sleep there! Love you lots and lots, GG

  8. I've just come across your blog, it's lovely & I'm completely in love with your little one to comes bedroom. I actually would like it myself! All the knitted toys & that gorgeous greeny, yellowy chair, it's all so gorgeous. You've done a brilliant job :)



  9. Lovely nursery! I've seen that yellow fruit face(?) print before and am in love with it. What artist makes it?


    1. Hi Sara!

      It's Apple Papple by Fine Little Day

  10. Hey Krystin, Beautiful, as always. I was wondering where the bear print came from! Love the art in there. Also wondering about the mustard globe...